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Tracy (Dog Mom)

Very impressive service. I’d give her more that 5 stars. Lap of Luxury provided us and the dogs aka the hounds with worry free care while we were away. We wanted someone to come to our house, to feed them, let them out, walk them and provide cuddles and play. She did that and more. She prepares detailed reports with pictures, responds quickly and even has a little tracker for the dog walks. True professional. Thank you Ashten. We wish you all the best and will be using your service again!

Nicole (Cat Mom)

I cannot say enough good things about Ashten! She is professional, punctual, kind, caring, and patient. She overnighted at my home for a week while I was on vacation and treated it with such respect. My kitty was a tough client but Ashten took the time to win her over with toys, treats, and love. She provided daily updates including photos and the occasional video that allowed me to fully enjoy my vacation knowing that my fur baby was in the best hands. I feel very fortunate to have met her and will be using her services every time I am away!

Thinking Of Leaving Your Fur Baby At Home Alone? 

Hire Lap of Luxury
Read below to find out how we can simplify your life!

Are you looking for peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is under the careful watch of an experienced and loving professional while you're not home?

Entrusting the care of your cherished pets to a professional can significantly elevate your peace of mind, especially when tailored, attentive services are provided.

Have you ever felt stressed about not being able to give your pet their medication on time or special care due to your busy schedule?

Our comprehensive pet sitting services are designed to cater to the unique needs of each furry family member, ranging from administering medication, supporting senior pets, to engaging high-energy companions. 

Do you worry about your pet's loneliness and boredom while you're away at work or on vacation?

We understand that your lifestyle may not always permit the time or energy to meet your pets' needs in the manner you desire. As a solution, we step in to ensure your pets receive the care and attention they deserve. 


Woman and a cat

Do you value the security of having a reliable professional check on your home and pet, deterring break-ins and providing updates while you’re away?

Opting for in-home pet care is more likely to reduce stress or anxiety experienced during you and your furry companion's separation. It also significantly diminishes the risks of illness or injury, presenting a serene and familiar atmosphere for your pets. Additionally, our service eliminates the inconvenience of transportation for pick-ups and drop-offs, ensuring your home remains secure and gives the appearance of being lived in during your absence.

Would you like your pets to maintain their daily routines, exercise, and diet, ensuring they’re happy and healthy in their own home environment?

Our flexible scheduling accommodates drop-in visits, daycare, overnight stays, or round-the-clock care, tailored to fit you and your pet’s needs. Recognizing the vulnerabilities of young puppies and kittens, our services extend beyond standard care, offering a safe haven for those too tender for daycare or boarding environments.

We also offer an array of add-on services, including arranging pet appointments with veterinarians, groomers, or trainers, providing pet taxi services, regular pet supply replenishment, and even managing light housekeeping tasks. 

This comprehensive approach not only caters to your pet's well-being but also simplifies your life, allowing you to return to a home that is both secure and well-maintained.

 Lap of Luxury is...

A Certified Professional Pet Sitter - (CPPS) 

Insured and Bonded
Certified in Pet First Aid/CPR

A registered member of PSI (Pet Sitters International)
Operating with Time To Pet
Licenced by the City of Edmonton 

 Veteran Owned 

Fear Free Certified 

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Check us out in the 2024 summer issue of Pet Sitters International magazine
Pet Sitter's World! 

Read the full article 

Service Area

Lap of Luxury proudly serves the Edmonton downtown core and surrounding areas. 
If you are located outside the service area and would still like to book a service send us an email! 

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The Pet Gallery

  • Kidney-Chek™ uses a color changing strip to indicate if your pet could have a health concern
  • Visit the vet before it becomes a critical health issue 
  • Reduces veterinary expenses, and has the potential to save your pet's life
  • For just $20.00 per test you could make a significant change in your fur baby's health and well-being today, and for the future 

Have You Heard About Kidney-Chek?

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