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Frequently Asked Questions 

​1) How much notice does Lap of Luxury require for booking a pet sitting appointment?
24 hours notice for returning clients to book a pet sit, and 3 days, (72 hours), notice for overnight stays and new clients.

2) What is Lap of Luxury's cancellation policy if I need to change or cancel a scheduled pet sitting appointment?
We have a no refunds policy, however, payment can be used towards a future service. Changes can be made 24 hours in advance.

3) Does Lap of Luxury offer medication administration, if needed?
Yes, at no extra charge.

4) Does Lap of Luxury charge an extra fee for more than one pet?
No extra fee for up to 3 pets, (dogs and cats), in the home.

​5) Can Lap of Luxury accommodate special requests or specific routines for my pets, such as dietary restrictions or exercise requirements?

Lap of Luxury can accommodate most requests as long as there are instructions and it is discussed prior to the visit. 

6) How often will the pet sitter visit my home and how long will each visit last?

For dogs, the recommended amount of visits is 3, in a 24 hour period. For cats, one visit a day to ensure they are eating, drinking and using the bathroom enough.

The duration of the visit is totally up to you. We offer; 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute visits but can accommodate longer requests too. We advise that you take your pets normal routine into consideration when booking. 

7) Will the same pet sitter be assigned to my pets consistently, or will there be different sitters rotating?

Ashten is the only employee that will be doing the visits. 

8) Do you offer overnight pet sitting services for longer periods of absence?

Yes we do. Starting at $120 per overnight stay. 

​9) What is your process for handling emergencies or medical situations that may arise while pet sitting?

Ashten is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and will transport your pet to their veterinary clinic if it is open. If their veterinary clinic is closed they will be brought to the closest emergency vet. (This is why it is important to sign the veterinary waiver). 

10) How do I communicate with the pet sitter or receive updates about my pets while I'm away?

Clients can communicate through the Time To Pet app, email, text or by phone.  

We use Time To Pet Software for pet updates. Clients receive an email with notes about the visit, GPS tracking if we went on a walk and pictures/video of your fur baby.

11) Can I meet the pet sitter before booking their services?

Certainly! Meet & Greets are a must before Lap of Luxury comes to take care of your furry family member. We like to make sure we are a good fit for each other first. 

12) How does initial payment work?

For initial payment a 50% deposit must be given before the visit, when the client arrives back home the other 50% is paid. For returning customers 100% of the payment is due before the visit takes place. 

Cash, e-transfer and credit card (via Time To Pet) are accepted. 

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