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The PAWsitive Pet Sitter Chronicles

Welcome to the Blog

I'm Ashten, and while I may be relatively new to the professional pet sitting game, my passion for caring for animals has spanned over 25 years, tending to the pets of friends and family. My career journey has taken me through various paths, from being a legal administrative professional to a quality control technologist in the pharmaceutical industry. I even had the honor of serving as a Medical Technician in the Canadian Armed Forces.
Last year, after an unexpected layoff, I made the decision to turn my passion into a profession and started pet sitting full-time. It was during my part-time work on Rover that I discovered how much I adored the job and excelled at it. With dreams for the future, I envision creating a space that encompasses pet boarding, training, physiotherapy, and grooming facilities—a one-stop haven for our fur babies. Rest assured, my dedication knows no bounds, and I am ready to put in the hard work to turn these dreams into a reality (and yes, I'm more than willing to laugh at myself along the way).
The PAWsitive Pet Sitter Chronicles is a place for pet lovers so feel free to leave comments or questions!

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